Let's print together in Poland!

Colonel hala
Colonel hala

Who we are:

L&C Printing Group is a working platform of two companies:
Printing House Drukarnia Leyko Sp. z.o.o.
Printing House Zakład Graficzny Colonel S.A.

Our company was created to formalize the international collaboration of those companies.

We have been working on the international printing market for over three years as product managers and marketing specialists. We created the export department and collaborating with publishers, agencies, comercial customers and others, we managed the production to over 15 countries of the EU as well as to Russia, the US and Turkey.

Our experience and the ability to listen to the needs of our customers allow us to provide you with the highest standart of customer service and complex printing assistance.

Printing in Poland with us is a pleasurable experience and a safe journey to maximize your satisfaction and reduce costs which once started, will be repeated. So …

Let's print together in Poland!

Our mission:

The idea of this fusion is to offer complex services and the whole range of products, with united logistics and greater capacity to fulfill the customer's needs for timely delivery and best quality.

Short history:

Drukarnia Leyko was founded in 1976 and started as a small family business and rapidly was transformed into a leading printer in softcover books and commercial materials on the local market.

Zakład Graficzny Colonel was created in 1991 and has been succesfully colaborating with the biggest publishers in Poland and yearly awarded for timely production and quality of their products on the Polish Market. It is a leader in hardcover production, high quality full colour albums and flex cover production.

Both companies have been colaborating on the domestic market for over 10 years. They have decided to enlarge the collaboration on international bases.